Here is our simple 6 after-care steps to ensure that you get the most out of your Keratin Smoothing Treatment. 

  1. Don't wash your hair for 48 hours who would want to after being at the hairdresser anyway? There is no benefit to leaving the treatment in any longer.
  2. If hair gets wet prior to the first wash, blow dry immediately and go over lightly with a flat iron on a low heat setting.
  3. Do not use any styling products until after the first proper shampoo. You can use bhave riot control oil to smooth down any flyaways.
  4. Only use bhave sodium chloride and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners for superior results and to maximise the longevity of your treatment.
  5. Wait between 7-10 days before coloring your hair.
  6. Sea or pool water may reduce the treatment’s lifespan. Minimise this with bhave leave-in crème and oil before swimming. Rinse hair with fresh water to eliminate any salt and/or chlorine build up immediately after swimming.

Heat is required to activate the smoothing effect. This is NOT a wash 'n wear treatment, although you can wash 'n wear if you would still like to have more movement in your hair.