Our Colour Practice


Freehand Balayage Freehand Colour

Our hair colour practice is defined by crafting formulations that render hair as a medium of artistic manipulation.

Exceptional hair colouration consists of a thorough understanding of Tonal Placement, Zoning, Depth and Dimension executed with precise timing and corrective conditioning. 

"Hair is our medium, colour is our render"

Our team of hairdressers possess the necessary technical knowledge of colour manipulation to deliver professional results without the compromise on hair quality. At STACHE Hair we have progressed past traditional foiling techniques and have embraced a more free-handed approach resulting in a confident and seamlessly natural appeal as opposed to a superfluous outcome. 

The STACHE client begins their journey firstly with a thorough consultation by our professionals who will then compose a selection from our range of Schwarzkopf Professional products to deliver a client specific formulation. For sensitive scalps we offer an Ammonia Free alternative for a gentler approach to hair colouring. 

At STACHE we encounter a diverse range of hair intricacies from unique colour requests through to complex colour corrections which require an advanced understanding of hair autonomy, hair integrity and colour response to achieve accurate and reliable results. 

Chemical Responsibility and Environmental Practice

At STACHE Hair we are a sustainable salon therefore we consider the use of our products as equally as important as the disposal of it, we recycle 95% of our waste. 

Chemical waste from our colour services is collected and sent to a chemical recycling facility to reduce chemical waste being washed down into our waterways.


To contact one of our Hair Colour Specialist in Brunswick East, Melbourne, Contact us on 9994 4683. 


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